Crefeld Basketball Team

“Damir, run the play,” says a stern Coach Nic. Damir responds, “But I had the lane.” Coach Nic, “Run the play!” While this may sound like a scene from Hoosiers, a serious basketball movie with a very strict coach, it is actually a sound bite from the Crefeld basketball game versus Wyncote Academy. And while Coach Nic and his team certainly take basketball seriously, it is never at the expense of having fun while they are playing.

What I watched last week was a Crefeld team playing with true Crefeld spirit. Helping one another, playing as a team, smiling, and just having fun. Every player was involved in the action and the bleachers were packed with fans.

I encourage you to come to a home game this year. The schedule is shared in This Week @ Crefeld, we would love to see you there!

Crefeld Annual Fund

Crefeld, like most independent schools, just launched its Annual Fund campaign. Why do we have this annual appeal? Because tuition doesn’t cover the cost of a Crefeld education. Our community recently received (or will receive) a letter from me with a donation form. I hope that you will respond to this request with a donation that fits into your budget. These funds are used for many aspects of Crefeld life: financial aid and scholarships, teacher salaries, art supplies, lab and fitness equipment, guest speaker, and, of course, chicken feed!

Last week, we held our second annual leadership donor appreciation party that was hosted by one of our Trustees. This event is our special way to say thank you to our leadership donors. The list of donors is growing, maybe we’ll see you there next year!

Thank you in advance for your donation. Have a Happy Thanksgiving!