This Week @ Crefeld

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Over the last 10 years, Crefeld has enjoyed national recognition for our Advisory and Graduation by Exhibition programs, presenting both programs at several national conferences. To add to that list, last year, Sara Narva began presenting her Power/Play, Teen Dating & Healthy Relationships, curriculum at: the Progressive Education Network’s National Conference in NYC, the Pennsylvania Association of Independent School (PIAS) Biennial Conference two weeks ago, and on December 3, she will be presenting at the Coalition of Essential Schools Fall Forum, another national audience.

I mention all of this because at ‘Coffee with the Head’ last month, I was talking about Sara Narva’s Power/Play curriculum and the idea of Sara sharing her workshop/curriculum with Crefeld parents and friends was discussed. So once all of the logistics are worked out, we will be advertising this workshop to our families. It will most likely be held during the school day in the Theater. Guess where  you can learn more about it? In the next edition of THIS WEEK @ CREFELD

Strategic Planning Begins

This is a very exciting time in Crefeld’s history! Over the last month, Crefeld has been working with TCC Consulting Group to develop a strategic plan for Crefeld that will guide us for the next 3-5 years. Things are heating up this week. On Thursday, September 29th, we are having a “kick-off meeting” with the consultants. About 15 constituents from the Crefeld community will gather in the theater to discuss both some preliminary findings and clearly map out the future process.

Crefeld is primed for this process. Our academic program is strong, our development program is reaching a record number of people, our community service program continues to serve the Philadelphia area, and our advisory program and our Graduation by Exhibition process have been recognized nationally.

With all of these parts in place, we will work with TCC Group to help Crefeld advance to the next level. Like I said, this is an exciting time for Crefeld.