Crefeld Parent Workshop

Sara Narva, one of Crefeld’s amazing teachers, developed a series of parent workshops to help guide parents through the rewards and challenges of being a parent, especially of a teenager. This year’s first workshop in on Thursday, March 1, at 7pm. Here is the workshop description:

You're a good parent. You are always trying to do well by your child. You want them to have good values and make safe choices. There are many messages, pressures and millions of dollars of marketing that pull our children towards other decisions. In this workshop we will talk about what makes it challenging for young people to make healthy choices and how we as parents can get better at talking to them about awkward, embarrassing, controversial topics.

I encourage you to sign up for this free workshop. Invite your friends and join me on March 1!

Winter Show

Last night, Crefeld’s Winter Art Show was a beautiful example of progressive education. As I walked through the art gallery, with the beautiful 2D and 3D artwork on display, complimented by the interactive art produced by the students in the new CrEF Lab elective, to the music, glee, fashion show, theater, and dance, I saw the culmination of perseverance and hard work. But it is the process that gets them to this point that I find as a perfect example of progressive education.

Student as Worker, Teacher as Coach. The Crefeld teachers did not go into this semester with specific ideas on what they wanted the students to produce, but with the skills they wanted the students to learn. Then they listened. They listened to the students, gave them voice and agency, then guided and coached them to the final product. And the final product was amazing! Thank you to everyone involved.

A few more updates:

This weekend, Gena, Ann, Laura, and I are presenting our Graduation by Exhibition process at EduCon, an annual conference hosted by Science Leadership Academy (SLA) in Philadelphia. This is another great opportunity for Crefeld to be recognized as a leader in progressive education.

Next week, during our Friday inservice, the entire staff will be participating in Andre Lee’s, I Am Not A Racist...Am I -  Digital Course. Crefeld is the very first school in the country to participate in this professional development! I am very excited.

Enjoy your weekend, George