On Saturday, October 21, 2017, Crefeld will morph into The Crefeld School of Witchcraft & Wizardry for the Chestnut Hill Harry Potter Festival. Crefeld will feature Food Trucks, a free Find Your Patronus activity and giveaway, VIP Parking, a Wizard Shop, and Glassblowing Activity.

When: October 21, 10 am – 4 pm

Where: Crefeld campus at 8836 Crefeld Street and throughout Germantown Avenue. New for 2017, festival footprint expanded to 12 blocks from Cresheim Valley Drive to Chestnut Hill Avenue. Festival then continues to Chestnut Hill College with shuttles running from Chestnut Hill Avenue.

Cost: Free to attend. Pay parking available at Crefeld. The soccer field will turn into a parking lot for the event.  New for 2017, designated admission areas and paid activities available.

What is it: The 7th Annual Chestnut Hill Harry Potter Festival returns to Germantown Avenue with more room to roam, more treats to eat, and more fun for all. With an expanded festival footprint spanning 12 city-blocks and new designated family-friendly activity areas (conveniently located just off of Germantown Avenue) this year’s festival promises the same wizardry wonder of years passed, with the mischief managed. 

Food Trucks: Crefeld will be host to several food trucks. Interested in bringing your food truck to Crefeld. Here is the link. List of trucks to come.

Volunteers: Interested in volunteering for Crefeld? 

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Do you have any special skills?
We need your help! Are you a master crafter? Woodworker? Excellent salesperson? If so, we want your help! Please let us know your special skill and we will put you to work.
Harry Potter Prep Day: 9/24/17
Sign up for a shift to help us prepare for Harry Potter Day. We will be working on items to be sold at the festival. Students are invited to attend ONLY if parents are volunteering to help too. Let us know which shift you can work.
Harry Potter Festival: 10/21/17
Come out and help us at the actual Harry Potter Festival on Saturday, 10/21/17. Let us know which shift you can work.