Community Service Learning is an integral component of each student’s learning experience at Crefeld. Service learning is a form of experiential learning where students apply academic knowledge and critical thinking skills to address genuine community needs. At Crefeld, we believe it’s important to prepare our students to fulfill their responsibilities as citizens.

Once a week during the school year, we commit the entire school community - Middle School through Upper School as well as faculty and staff - to this goal through a weekly course called Community Service Learning (CSL). Individual CSLs focus on many issues including: elder services, urban education, preserving the natural environment, animal rights, global warming, and hunger.

The action that each group decides to take may include direct service to the community, writing to and lobbying elected officials, persuading Crefeld families to become more conscious of issues, or petitioning the school administration to alter programs or practices. In addition to the CSL groups run by Crefeld Faculty and Staff, we also allow students to explore other issues through Independent Community Service. These students work with a faculty member to guide their choice and make sure that they are getting the most out of their outside placement.

Our vision is that students will graduate from the Crefeld School informed about local, national and world issues, able to discuss different points of view on the issues, and ready to contribute to the common good.

Current (or recent) Community Service Learning Groups

  • Awbury Arboretum
  • Friends of the Wissahickon (FOW)
  • Independent Community Service
  • Northwestern Stables
  • Schuylkill Environmental Center
  • Senior Care
  • Tutoring at Jenks Elementary School
  • Weaver’s Way Co-Op Farm