The Fourth Quarter

Here we are, beginning the fourth quarter. It is amazing to me how quickly the school year goes by. We are getting ready for Spring Mini-Courses, the Spring Performance, Prom, Senior Dinner, and, of course, Graduation. There’s a lot to do in the next two months, especially for our seniors who are completing the Graduation by Exhibition process.

However, as I think about the seniors and their transition into the next stage of their lives, I often reflect on how much each one of them has matured and developed . They are turning into adults and I couldn’t be more proud of them. Stacey Cunitz, Director of College Counseling, will soon share the growing list of colleges and universities that have accepted our seniors. It’s an impressive list.

As an educator, it makes me reflect on a some advice that I was recently given and something I believe we do exceptionally well at Crefeld - to see young people as who they really are and not judge them on the behaviors that they sometimes display. That’s what we do, every single day.

Crefeld Parent Workshop

Sara Narva, one of Crefeld’s amazing teachers, developed a series of parent workshops to help guide parents through the rewards and challenges of being a parent, especially of a teenager. This year’s first workshop in on Thursday, March 1, at 7pm. Here is the workshop description:

You're a good parent. You are always trying to do well by your child. You want them to have good values and make safe choices. There are many messages, pressures and millions of dollars of marketing that pull our children towards other decisions. In this workshop we will talk about what makes it challenging for young people to make healthy choices and how we as parents can get better at talking to them about awkward, embarrassing, controversial topics.

I encourage you to sign up for this free workshop. Invite your friends and join me on March 1!