Enjoying the Outdoors

What a beautiful autumn week on Crefeld’s campus! Many teachers held classes outside, using the natural surrounding to guide their teaching. I witnessed the middle school science classes exploring how seeds are dispersed and the life cycle of plants.

Going back to Tom Little’s six pillars of progressive education, I will take this opportunity to write about the second one: reliance on students’ interests to guide their learning. What I have been observing all year is teachers finding ways to have their children discover and follow their passions and interests. The middle school science class is a perfect example. Students were observing, analyzing, and creating hypotheses using the natural world around them to guide their learning. They were happily engaged because they had autonomy over the content. This was a perfect example of student as worker, teacher as coach.

I hope that you are enjoying these entries and feel free to email me with any topics that you would like me to blog about.