South Africa

If you follow Crefeld on Twitter (@CrefeldSchool), you know that we just had an amazing visit with 9 students from Cedar House, a progressive school in Cape Town South Africa. This visit was the second part of our exchange with Cedar House. Last year, five Crefeld kids went to South Africa for 2 weeks.

The visit was overflowing with activities that included an overnight in DC, a Philly tourist day, and, of course, the daily Crefeld experience. Every visitor was able to make something in the glass studio and we sent them home with a Crefeld t-shirt and a copy of BUCK, the award winning memoir by MK Asante, class of 2000.

What I appreciated about this visit was watching our community, specifically the host kids, and our visitors learn from each other in a way that can only be experienced. The conversations about culture, family, history, and life was truly amazing to witness. Over the last week our community and a community half way across the world were impacted and grew in such a positive way.

In some ways, our world is becoming a smaller and smaller place. I am confident that through this exchange that friendships were created that will last a lifetime