Integrated Learning

The study of topics in an integrated way, from a variety of different disciplines. This pillar of progressive education was alive over the last few weeks! Pioneer Day in the middle school, where our students hosted the 5th and 6th graders from the Miquon School, was a huge success. The 9/10 Team finished their unit on the 1950s with a sock hop. And the 11/12 Team displayed their social movements projects in a 3 hour fair in the commons on Friday. In each of these cases, multiple disciplines, came together for one product in a very integrated way.


What I found very clear as I watched Crefeld students immerse themselves in these projects it that when you integrate the curricula and put the students in leadership roles, they organically take ownership over their own education. As an educator, it makes me proud to watch our students develop intrinsic motivation for their own learning.

The best way to have students demonstrate responsibility is to give them responsibility.