Loving Learning

Happy New Year! We are back from winter break and the campus is humming again. We are preparing for our Winter Arts Celebration next Thursday, January 14th  - one of my favorite days of the year.

This blog post brings me the last of the 6 pillars of Progressive education outline in Tom Little’s book, “Loving Learning, How Progressive Education Can Save America’s Schools.”

Progressive schools believe deeply that we have an obligation to provide support for children to develop a sense of social justice and become active participants in America’s democracy. This manifests several ways at Crefeld, including student facilitated Town Hall Meetings.

However, today I want to highlight the thoughtful and meaningful work of the Perspectives Committee here at Crefeld. This afternoon, several students from the Perspectives Committee, led by Mahdiya and Mioshi, directed the entire Crefeld community through an exercise called, The Silent Movement. This exercise challenged us to get out of our comfort zone and silently become stronger as a group. We stood when we identified with a statement, sat when we did not. While simple in design, it was powerful it its message.

I am very proud of the courage demonstrated by our community today.