In two weeks, on February 24th, I'll be in the San Francisco Bay area. While I'm out there, I will be hosting a Bay Area Crefeld reunion. In planning this event, I have been reflecting on our community and what an outstanding opportunity I have to be part of such a wonderful school.

Over the last few weeks, me, Aaron, Dan, Stacey, and a few others have been looking through old pictures from over the years. I have spent many hours reminiscing about our alumni, spring trips, class projects, performances and senior presentations. Then there were the pictures of past graduations, truly great days. To have the perspective on how they are today is very rewarding.

However, in this whole process of thinking about our students over the years, it was our community that stood out the most. The memories were so vivid and exciting because we live and work together everyday, in a small school that is committed to progressive education and prides itself on working with each person individually. Experiencing your education is not just about class projects and performances, it is about experiencing the uniqueness, the strengths, the areas of growth, everything that makes us a community of individuals.