Happy St. Patrick's Day!

March is certainly coming in like a lion. Let’s hope it goes out like a lamb.

I often think about what exactly it is that makes Crefeld so unique. In order to document what we do on a daily basis, two special visitors have been spending time at Crefeld this year. You may have seen them in the hall; they are Mollie Davis and Chris Mimbs.

Since the beginning of this school year, Mollie, a PhD candidate from Drexel University, has been using Crefeld as her research site for her dissertation. However, over the last two months, Mollie has been in the building almost every day. Mollie is studying the role of teachers in progressive education. Specifically, she is researching how teachers learn with and from one another. One thing she is interested in is how the Crefeld teachers work to balance the needs of the individual with the needs of the community. Something we do very well.

This week, Crefeld is hosting another PhD candidate, Chris Mimbs, from Florida Atlantic University. Chris is here interviewing the senior class, both individually and in focus groups, and some teachers as he studies our Graduation by Exhibition process. Chris’ research questions are: How do senior exhibitions function in a progressive educational environment that employs traditional assessment? What are the characteristics of a rubric or rubrics for senior exhibitions utilized as exit exam criteria? What is the relationship between scoring levels of senior exhibitions and scores from a traditional assessment?

Their dissertations will document our work for others to study. I'm proud of that. I think our commitment to experiential education and social justice, and the great work that we do, should be shared and replicated elsewhere. So if you bump into Mollie or Chris, please introduce yourself and say hello.