Spring Arts Celebration!

Last night was our Spring Arts Celebration. What an amazing group Crefelders! The visual art gallery, both with 2D, 3D, and glass work was, simply put, amazing. The passion and thought that went into every piece was evident to everyone who attended the event.

The music classes took the stage and blew everyone away with their talent, their commitment, their collaboration, and their stage presence. The crowd enjoyed a some beautiful renditions of Landslide by Fleetwood Mac, Twist & Shout by The Beatles, Spiderweb by No Doubt, and The Rover by Led Zeppelin, to name a few.

Then we enjoyed a fashion show from the sewing and design class! The first one ever! The five students worked on several projects throughout the semester and had the opportunity to wear one and display it as a runway model. One young woman, Clara, even made an outfit for her miniature poodle, who was also part of the show.

Then it was time for the theater and dance classes. The students worked with their teacher, Sara, to create personal dances and a play that were both thought provoking and entertaining.

Here is what I was reminded of last night - when you give young people a voice, a platform to use that voice, and allow them to immerse themselves and their passions into their projects, you get an amazing output. Crefeld students never stop impressing me and yesterday was a reminder on just how much they pay attention and what a significant impact they are making in this world. They truly are agents of change.

I want to thank everyone involved in putting on the show. From the stage crew, the AV and tech crews, the flexibility and support from the entire staff at Crefeld, and of course the art teachers that guide the whole process. t was a memorable evening!