Cedar House School Exchange

Wow, it has been an exciting week for Crefeld!

For the second year in a row, five Crefeld students traveled to South Africa as part of an international, progressive school exchange program that we developed with Cedar House School in Cape Town (http://www.cedarhouse.co.za). As a reminder, we were visited by students from Cedar House last December. What an amazing opportunity to experience progressive education halfway across the world.

The Crefelders traveling to South Africa left on Monday morning. They flew into Johannesburg, then traveled outside of the city and spent 3 days on safari. Please check out our Twitter account (@CrefeldSchool) or our Facebook page for some really cool pictures.  Today, they are catching another flight to Cape Town where they will be greeted by their host families. They will spend the next 8 days living with a Cedar House student, attending school and going on excursions.

Here on campus, the 9/10 prepared for and celebrated 1960s day. This was the culminating project for the entire tem. In addition to presentations, the students enjoyed some games that were developed in the 60s, like Clue and Battleship. We had some fun in the limbo line (the kids were very nice to me) and then enjoyed some 1960s treats that included Beef Stroganoff, Jello and some Tang to wash it all down.

Please check out our Twitter and Facebook account next week for pictures of Spring Mini-Courses!