First Day of School

WOW! What an exciting day! The first day of school at Crefeld may be my favorite day of the year. After spending the last three months working with contractors to get the building ready, the campus was finally alive with positive energy again. I happily joined in the loud round of applause to kick off the school year in morning meeting. It was a loud meeting because it was also the first time we officially introduced and cheered for the Crefeld graduating class of 2017. Today was a very good day. If you were worried about your new student, I want you to know that I personally watched our returning students help our new students find their way around the school.

Today exemplifies what The Crefeld School is all about  - community. We learn together, we value each other, we celebrate one another, and we enjoy being around one another. I have worked many places over my life, in many educational settings, but it is days like this that remind me how fortunate I am to be part of such a strong community.

Bring on the school year! Crefeld is ready for all it has to offer!