Schools of the Future

Earlier this week, I had the opportunity to hear Pat Bassett speak about “Schools of the Future”. Pat leads Heads Up Consulting and is the former long-time President of the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS). His knowledge of the independent school world is unparalleled, and he is a remarkable speaker.

What I found validating about his speech was that he used the words “progressive education” many times as he spoke about where schools should be headed. He spoke of the origins of progressive education and John Dewey, about Demonstration of Mastery and Graduation by Exhibition and the Coalition of Essential Schools, an organization that we have been a part of since 1988 (Crefeld was the 55th essential school in the country).

It was validating to hear from a leader in the independent school world that Crefeld’s progressive philosophy and approach to education (since its founding in 1970) is now what schools should be striving to do. So while the rest of the independent school community can focus on “schools of the future”, Crefeld will keep living our proudly progressive approach that we hold in our heart.