A Baltimore Reunion

I recently traveled to the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS) national conference. This year, the conference was held in Baltimore MD. While I was there, in addition to learning from the conference speakers and presenters, I organized a Baltimore area Crefeld reunion. There were four Crefeld alums interested in meeting up, but only two could make it. Charles, class of 1999, and Mandy, class of 2009. We had a great time, sharing Crefeld stories, and talking about Crefeld’s future. I want to share one particular story that Charles told me that evening.

While in law school in Baltimore, Charles was studying on the second floor of a building. He looked out the window and noticed some police activity across the street. Charles, being a budding attorney and Crefeld graduate, stopped to make sure that this stranger’s rights were being upheld. As he was carefully observing how the man across the street was being treated, he noticed someone on the sidewalk below him, also observing the police activity across the street, clearly with the same goal in mind. This went on for quite some time. At the end of the incident, when Charles felt that the man’s right were upheld, he realized that the other person observing the interaction was another Crefeld graduate, MK, class of 2000! He went down and the two of them reconnected.

So think about this, the only two people who stopped what they were doing on this crowded street, to make sure that a stranger's rights were upheld, were two Crefeld graduates!

My conclusion: of course it was two Crefeld graduates.