All School Field Trip

In previous blogs, I mentioned the intelligent and heart wrenching documentary by Mary Mazzio (@marymazzio), I Am Jane Doe. This documentary takes you into the world of human trafficking in the United States and the legal fight against

On Wednesday, we suspended all classes and took the entire Crefeld community, grades 7 through 12, and all staff to watch this film. What an intense experience to share as a community. We debriefed in the theater in small groups with some guided questions created by the social work team. Many people expressed their anger, sadness, and disbelief.

We then traveled to KIng Buffet in the Plymouth Meeting Mall. This was a a time to relax, enjoy a meal together, and just have a moment to laugh after our intense morning. After lunch, we headed back to Crefeld where everyone broke out into working groups. Students wrote letters, made a collaborative art project, or engaged in a legal debate guided by two History teachers.

This was a day of community building through a powerful experience with intense feelings on both sides of the spectrum. I am very proud of our community, we came together, shared emotions, and didn’t shy away from a very real and dangerous topic, human trafficking.

As the day went on, I Tweeted pictures and descriptions of the events of the day. I am honored that Mary Mazzio, the director of the film, not only retweeted and liked our tweets, but personally thanked us for the work that we were doing and included Sens. Claire McCaskill, John McCain, and Rob Portman on her thank you. These three Senators are highlighted in the documentary for the great work they are doing to stop human trafficking as members of a Senate subcommittee. Perhaps the most impactful retweet of the day was from one of the "Jane Doe" mothers who was featured in the film. That one retweet was impactful and meant a great deal to our community.

If you want to know more, I encourage you to follow @marymazzio or @IAmJaneDoeFilm.