Progressive Education Lab

This is Crefeld's first year as a member school in the Progressive Education Lab (PEL). PEL is a two year fellowship program where four ‘PELlows’ spend their first year traveling to four different schools to learn what it means to be a progressive educator. This winter, Crefeld will host our first cohort of four fellows when they spend ten weeks in Philadelphia. During the first five of the ten weeks, two fellows will be at The Miquon School and two will be at Crefeld. During the second five weeks, they will switch placements.

Then, in their second year, one of the four fellows will be at Crefeld full-time for the entire school year, while the other three fellows are placed at the other three member schools. We will also receive a new cohort in their first year of the fellowship.

In addition to Miquon, the other schools involved are the Cambridge School in Weston, Massachusetts, and The Putney School in Vermont. Crefeld has been prepping for this opportunity for several months. In August, I went to Putney with the other Heads of Schools and School Mentors for a mentor camp and to map out the curriculum for the fellows. Ann Croxson and Dan Cunitz will serve as mentors when the fellows are at Crefeld. Our goal is to create a model for training progressive educators and then connect with a progressive graduate school of education.