We're in Philly Magazine!

Philly Magazine just published an article titled: 19 Philly-Area Schools Rethinking Education in Big Ways and Small. Well, Crefeld is one of the 19 schools in the piece. Here’s what they wrote about us.

The Crefeld School

Location: Chestnut Hill | The Twist: Having altruism as a core value

We know the world could use some TLC. And at Crefeld — a private, progressive secondary school — community service isn’t just ingrained in the school’s ethos; it’s carved into the calendar. Every Wednesday at 1 p.m., every student dedicates the afternoon to making a difference. Some go into the Wissahickon to rebuild trails; others make stuffed animals for children in foster care; some play music for residents of a mental health facility. “There can be a sense of ‘I am just one person. I can’t change anything,’” says Crefeld head of school George Zeleznik. “Giving back lets kids know that they are powerful agents of change — they can help.” Grades: 7–12.

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