A Head of School's Guide on How to Call a Snow Day


Step 1: 5:00 am - Wake up

Step 2: 5:03 am - Drink a Starbucks doubleshot

Step 3: 5:04 am - Start checking the “Philadelphia School Closings” websites

Step 4: 5:10 am - Cross reference districts that have closed or delayed with sending districts.

Step 5: 5:15 am - Start group text with several other school Heads

  1. Me - “Are you closing?”

  2. Head 2 - “I am thinking about it, you”

  3. Head 3 - “I think we are, but I haven’t made the call yet”

  4. Head 4 - “Hey, just joining in, did you see that Cheltenham just closed?”

  5. Me - “Philly is still on a delay!”

  6. Head 4 - “Philly never closes.”

  7. Head 3 - “I just made the call, we are closed!”

  8. Head 2 - “Me too!”

  9. Me - “Ugh, I am going to call now.”

  10. Me - “Stay safe!”

  11. Head 2 - “You too.”

  12. Head 3 - “Be careful”

  13. Head 4 - “Stay warm”

The biggest factor that goes into making the decision to close school is student and staff safety and how many of our sending districts have delayed or closed. There is a law in PA that requires school districts to transport their students to private school, if that private school is within 10 miles of the home district (if that district transports provides transportation to its own students). So I sit with a list of students from each district, with the largest number always coming from Philadelphia. So if Philadelphia delays or closes, so will we. But if two of the sending districts with a larger amount of Crefeld kids delay or close, we could easily lose 20% of our student population because those sending districts will not transport our kids, even if we stay open.

I hope this clears things up.

Stay safe. George