Crefeld's Class of 2019


I can’t believe it’s already been a month since we graduated the Crefeld Class of 2019. While my words are no substitute for the intensely personal and thoughtful advisor speeches shared at graduation, here are my parting words to a special group of people that I’m proud to now call Crefeld alumni.

On graduation day, we come together to celebrate our seniors and their culmination of hard work, perseverance, and personal growth. 

As I look out at you, the graduating class of 2019, I see a group of young adults who have many tremendous strengths and positive attributes. I’m going to share a few adjectives that come to mind when I think of the seniors we are honoring today.

Fun - You’re all fun people. The staff and I truly like working with fun, happy students.

Funny - In addition to being fun, you’re funny as well. You have so many inside jokes with each other AND with staff. All of you make me laugh every day.

Determined - You are all determined, extremely determined. Determined to change the world, determined to make an impact, determined to make your voices heard, determined to not be a bystander in this ever-changing world.

Strong - You are all strong. Strong minded, strong willed. In fact, you’re a class full of strong personalities. 

Sensitive - You are all sensitive young adults. And I mean this as a positive. What the world needs right now is more sensitive, thoughtful young leaders. 

Smart - Graduating by exhibition demonstrates your mastery of  content knowledge, academic skills, and self-expression. Your intelligence and problem solving skills have been impressive to watch. 

Fun, funny, determined, strong, sensitive and smart - that’s you as a collective. I have immediate memories of you as individuals that will stay with me forever. These memories have forever incorporated you into the fabric of the Crefeld community.

Jacques - Our one on one conversations, or maybe we should call them negotiations. And of course your trip to California. 

Ari - Your Bad Brains t-shirt, and you turned out to be a rockstar!  

Lucas - You are Crefeld’s creator of harmless mischief. 

Maya - I enjoyed learning about the many nuances of horseracing.  

Ava - Your commitment to advocacy. You are an unapologetic champion for others.

Damir - Your strength, both mentally and physically, AND you rappelled down a skyscraper.

Eli - Your contributions to morning meeting--always educating the community and holding us accountable. 

Jimmy - You are a kind soul. I’ll remember your humor and wit. 

Ben - You always know what is right and you are always doing it. You model integrity. 

Elijah - I will forever see you dancing down the hallway, in my office, on the front porch, everywhere...

Viktor - I’m impressed with how much your art grew, both both in size and in depth.

Veronica - Your voice, both on stage and in the halls.       

Aislin - You’re full of surprises. You quietly defy expectations.

Avi - You’re dedication to mastering new skills whether its learning about aviation or blowing glass. 

When you leave here today, I want you to take with you all of  the laughs, the lessons, the tears that you have experienced and the friendships that you made, all of which have helped make you stronger, better versions of yourselves. You are always welcome here. Congratulations as you are now a part of Crefeld’s history and no one can take that away from you. I wish you all the best of everything. I am proud of you! Good luck, Class of 2019!

Thank you.