Crefeld recognizes that every person is a unique constellation of strengths and needs. Our faculty is sensitive to these differences and demonstrates that in the way they construct their curriculum, teach their courses, and relate to each student. Some of our students have been identified with specific learning or emotional needs, and therefore, the following supports exist for any student who wants and/or needs them:

Teachers and Advisors
Students can receive extra help with academics through their advisors during advisory periods or by scheduling time to meet with teachers. Students can often arrange to stay after school or spend lunch with a teacher, when they need extra help.

Extended Learning Period
Each student will participate in four Extended Learning Periods per week. This time is to be used by students to complete research and homework assignments during a time when they can receive guidance from teachers, or to explore their own curiosities through independent work. Some students may use this time for Learning Support.

Learning Support
Students who need extra help or individualized attention in certain subject areas, may receive more dedicated assistance with a Learning Specialist, in a Learning Support class. Students may sign up for this class, or faculty members may identify that a student needs extra help from a Learning Specialist on a regular basis.

Outside Tutoring
The Crefeld School can recommend an outside tutoring agency to provide services to our students on our premises, or off campus. In some circumstances, the Learning Specialist may recommend outside tutoring and will help the family to make arrangements. The family will be responsible for the costs of this tutoring.

Social Workers
Crefeld has two full time social workers on staff, as well as five social work interns each year. A member of this team can meet with a student either in an ongoing or temporary way to help them process difficulties around school, home, social relationships or whatever else may be bothering the student. They also run a variety of groups each year to address the needs of a particular group of students. Some examples of groups that have run in the past are: Women’s Group, Men’s Wellness Group, Social Skills Group, and a group for students who were struggling with anxiety. Typically, one or two groups run each year, depending on the needs in the community.