Students who have taken classes on evenings and weekends may come to pick up their work during any of the scheduled pickup times. Punti marks will be cold-worked when you arrive to pickup your work, so please allow for 5-10 minutes to accomplish this. Please bring packing materials with you to transport your work home.

Alternately, you can have your work shipped to your home for an additional fee. Please order shipping service here. Shipping typically takes 7-10 days.

  • *F 10/4 1-3pm*

  • Th 10/10 5-7pm

  • *F 10/18 1-3pm*

  • *F 10/25 1-3pm*

  • *F 11/1 1-3pm*

  • Th 11/7 5-7pm

  • Th 12/5 5-7pm

  • *F 12/6 1-3pm*

  • *F 12/13 1-3pm*

  • Th 12/19 5-7pm

All work remaining from the Fall Semester after 1/31/20 will be recycled or be considered to be donated to the Studio.

*These pickup hours are during the school day, so all glass students must sign in at The Crefeld School’s Front Office before heading to the Glass Studio.