At Crefeld, full-time teachers act as Advisors to small groups of students. Each Crefeld student is assigned to an Advisory group upon entering the school, and will remain with this group throughout their duration at Crefeld. We take great care in choosing the best possible Advisory placement for each individual student.

An Advisor’s goal is to get to know all relevant aspects of the student's life as well as possible, and to guide their Advisee toward successful academic and personal growth. Advisories meet as a group twice daily, for a total of 25 minutes. During this time, students work with their Advisors to set and meet academic and personal goals, and check in with each other frequently, to mark progress. An Advisory serves as a “home base” for students, giving them a place where they are comfortable, and a person who can serve as an advocate.

Overall, Advisors serve many functions, including the following:

  • guiding the Advisee's academic progress

  • serving as the primary line of communication with parents both on a regular basis and when special circumstances arise

  • coordinating teachers’ grades and comments for report cards

  • arranging for extra assistance for the student when necessary

  • keeping attendance records and approving excused student absences

  • helping students arrange for an appropriate Community Service placement, making sure that it remains appropriate, and helping their Advisees get the most out of their Community Service placements

  • writing college recommendations

  • serving, when needed, as an essential part of the disciplinary process

  • supervising their Advisee's graduation procedures

  • serving as a primary contact within Crefeld, for parents

Advisors serve as the primary contact within Crefeld for parents during the school year via email and/or phone. Face to face parent/student/advisor conferences are held twice a year for all students.