College Counseling at Crefeld starts in November with an information night for parents. This is followed by individual family meetings where the counselor generates an initial list of colleges for the family to investigate. Starting in January of a student’s junior year, the College Counselor meets weekly with all juniors in a class in which students are introduced to all aspects of how to choose and apply to a college, as well as career options and life goals. This course continues through fall of the senior year, during which time it focuses on completing college applications. She continues to work with each student and his or her family as needed throughout the entire process.

Stacey Cunitz, our College Counselor, has so far personally visited more than 200 colleges and universities, in nineteen states. She uses her personal knowledge of these, and many other schools when helping students narrow their college choices. On average, 40 colleges and universities visit Crefeld each year to meet with juniors and seniors to inform them about their schools. These visits are announced in morning meeting the morning of each visit and also posted on Crefeld’s College Counseling page on Facebook and on the website’s calendar. A list of recent college acceptances is available here.

College admission representatives can now go to to schedule an appointment with our school.



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