At Crefeld, in addition to completing coursework, students must complete sixteen graduation exhibitions. Each exhibition is guided by a description and rubrics, and students must demonstrate “mastery” to pass their exhibitions. Exhibitions are evaluated by at least two faculty members. The exhibitions include the following:

Formal Writing
-Literary Analysis Essay
-Timed Persuasive Essay

Transition Planning
For most Crefeld students, their transition plan is their college application process. The Director of College Counseling assists them with making a list of schools, investigating those schools, finalizing the list, and preparing the applications, including essays. For students who are planning a gap year, and are not applying to college right away, they will work with the Director of College Counseling to create a detailed and formal plan for their post-secondary goals. This includes considerations for financial and living arrangements, as well as educational and employment goals.

-Calculation and Number Sense Test
-Algebra Testy
-Geometry Test

Research and Understanding
-History Oral Exam
-Research Paper
-Science Project

Technology Project
Students are required to apply technology to fulfill one other senior graduation requirement or create a technology project to stand on its own. The end product must demonstrate the use of technology in at least three of these application areas:

  • creativity

  • communication & collaboration

  • research & information fluency

  • critical thinking, problem solving, & decision making

  • digital citizenship

-Personal Learning Reflection
-Creative Expression
-Public Presentation

-Civics Exam
-Leadership Project/Internship
-Independent Community Service Learning

The graduation exhibition program is important for the mastery of content knowledge and academic skills. In addition, it is an essential learning experience for seniors because, in the process of completing the exhibitions, they are learning important skills such as self-advocacy, time management, long term planning, self-reflection, and accepting and responding to feedback. For more information, Crefeld publishes a Graduation by Exhibition Handbook that describes this process in greater detail.