Crefeld offers a wide variety of elective courses each year. Each of these courses is one semester and the offerings change each semester. Below are a sampling of offerings in various departments.

Visual Arts: Glass Blowing, Glass Casting, Lamp-working, Drawing/Painting, Art Survey, Cartooning/Illustration, Bookbinding, Printmaking, Sewing, Mixed Media Sculpting

Performance Arts: Acting Technique, Theater, Theater Improv, Dance, Dance Composition, Dance Workshop, Modern Dance, Movement, Music Performance, Music Appreciation

Physical Education: Sports-­Oriented Physical Education,, Walking/Hiking, Rock Climbing, Personal Fitness, Yoga, Biking

Academic: CREFLab (Makerspace), Introduction to Coding, Ancient Warfare, Psychology, The Science of Jules Verne, Race & Gender Identity, Myth and Folklore